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Welcome to Solo Software House. Please explore our products and information to understand how we can help you manage your share portfolio transactions. Save time and money preparing your Australian tax returns and constantly get meaningful information to ensure strong portfolio performance.

My Portfolio Frontier - Share portfolio management software for investors and traders


  • Easy to enter share information that arrives in the mail. Your share portfolio's tax information is up to date in seconds.
  • Reduce accounting fees by recording share transactions yourself. ATO compliant tax reports for share investors and share traders.
  • Avoid management fees by monitoring your portfolio performance yourself.
  • Understand your total return including growth and dividends. Accurate calculation of investment returns using Internal Rate of Return (IRR) calculation.
  • Retain control of valuable information for the lifetime of your shares independent of the number of brokers and financial service providers you deal with.
  • Comprehensive tracking of shareholder notifications.
  • Import transactions from your online broker (e.g. Commsec) and get an ATO compliant tax report.
  • Record cash transactions. For example, interest charges on margin loans and CFDs.
  • Plan for tax time to avoid impact on your cash flow if you have a large capital gain from sales this year.

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What our customers say

  • "Useful! That's an understatement!" (Mark Lynch, Chartered Accountant)
  • "I really enjoy the simplicity of your product and now I have good control of my portfolio." (Sheryl Furman, Business Development Manager)
  • "This is so easy! I couldn't do that with my spreadsheet. I wish I had this when I started with shares. How do I get one?"  (Larry Blode, Accounting Services Consultant)
  • "Wow! I have entered my share information and I see I'm up 43% including dividends. It would have taken me hours to do that." (Bob Shandler, Retired)
  • "I can't think of anything it doesn't cover." (Ady Broder, General Manager)


"Until now, my management and reporting fees surpassed $6000 with a large well known brokerage firm! I produce the same informative reports from this package. Absolutely minimal data entries. Overwhelmingly impressed. The most substantial cost cutting at such a minimal outlay I think I have ever incurred."
Paul Harris, Private Landlord/Investor.

"Share management has never been easier and more enjoyable! What was previously hard work on a spreadsheet is now effortless and a pleasure to follow using the Portfolio Performance tools. The program is so easy to use, I've started my teenage kids on it for their share portfolios so they can learn at an early age at the same time as sharing the enjoyment of watching their investments grow."
Dr Peter Silbert, Neurologist.

"Aside from impressing my accountant with concise, accurate and reliable reports, I am able to easily track and challenge the strategy setup by my broker. The performance reports have helped me make decisions worth tens of thousands of dollars."
Howard Rosenberg, Managing Director.

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