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My Portfolio Frontier Tutorial

Tutorial steps:
    1. Buy Shares
    2. Previous step - Dividends
    3. This step explains performance assessment
    4. Next step - Sell Shares
    5. Tax Reports

3. Performance Assessment

After buying shares in BHP, CSR and Coles Myer you want to monitor the performance of your portfolio as the market price fluctuates. My Portfolio Frontier allows you to automatically load the live market prices of your shares, as often as you want, and presents your portfolio performance to you in a number of ways.

3.1 Capital Gains

One way to look at your performance is to compare the purchase price with the market price. My Portfolio Frontier shows this to you, for your entire portfolio and for each company you have invested in.

3.2 Profit after tax including distributions

Another way to look at your performance is to include dividend distributions as well as tax you have to pay to get your total return on investment . My Portfolio Frontier shows this to you in the Profit After Tax screen.

My Portfolio Frontier can also compare your portfolio performance to other investments or performance indices and identify which shares are over and under performing.

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